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Last Updated: 22/11/2017 12:12:08 am
Gulan-media - Barzani Outlines Future of Kurds: Ahmed Turk
Barzani Outlines Future of Kurds: Ahmed Turk
Date: 14/02/2017 : 18:32:56313 Views

The unity of Kurds in Iraq will positively affect the status of Kurds in Syria and Turkey, said Ahmed Turk, the imprisoned Kurdish-Turkish politician, who also believes Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani outlines the future of Kurds.

During an interview which was published on Tuesday in BasNews weekly, Turk advised the Kurdish political parties to convene and launch "serious" talks over the future of Kurdistan.

He thinks Barzani can play a pivotal role in promoting peace and freedom, saying "Barzani outlines the future for Kurds."At the same time he deemed Kurds at this stage need" a united outlook" to achieve their rights.

Turk, who is best known for his slogan (I struggle for nothing but peace), was asked about the prospect of Turkey's resumption of peace talks with Kurds, to which he responded "today nothing is in the interest of peace."

"We want to live with Turks and Arabs but this time in equality and there should be no assimilation," Turk noted, "In 21st century Kurds should not be massacred and disparaged."

For the Kurdish politician, Kurds "are the dynamic force in the Mideast who also believe in democracy." Therefore, he thought if Kurds are prevented from attaining their freedom, the Middle East also will witness no democracy.

As for the due referendum on the presidential system in Turkey, Turk said Kurds only care about recognition of their language and ethnic rights and this is more bound to "the enlightenment level of politicians in Turkey" than the system of ruling.

On November 17, 2016, Turk was dismissed from his position as the co-mayor of Mardin and four days later, following a lawsuit by attorney general, he was arrested.

He was accused of “being a member to an armed organization”, “propagandizing for armed terror organization”, and “opposing Law on Rally and Demonstration”.

While in prison, Turk was several times taken to the hospital for his heart condition and due to this the court decided to issue a house arrest for him.


Trump highlights cooperation over shared interests in letter to Barzani
Two PKK Members Explode Themselves in Makhmour
$20M collected for clearing Kurdistan from bombs in 2016: IKMAA
Five Kurds arrested in Makhmour confess ties to ISIS
Mayor of Shingal, Kurdish crisis centre head plan Yezidi return
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